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Evidenced-based treatment is therapy that has been proven in quality research studies to be effective for your specific concern. I use these therapies whenever possible because you are more likely to feel better using these methods.  Typically this involves cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which has been well-documented to be effective in treating a wide variety of problems including depression and anxiety disorders.  In short, CBT focuses on patterns of thinking and emotions that cause anxiety or distress. I'll work with you to identify your individual patterns and gain a set of tools to modify unwanted thoughts and behaviors, with the ultimate goal of helping you feel better.   

Goal-oriented and solution-focused

The counseling I provide is goal-oriented and solution-focused, meaning we will work towards specific goals and solutions that we create together. Gaining insight into past experiences helps us to understand how we interact with and think about the world, and yet in order for things to change and get better now, we usually need to modify our behaviors, change our thinking, and improve our coping skills.


I will work collaboratively with you to accomplish your treatment goals. You know yourself best and our partnership is vital to making treatment work.

Affirming and supportive 

My goal is to create a safe, non-judgmental space as a foundation for our work together, which is essential for counseling to be effective.  I am affirming of all sexual orientations and gender identities and welcome individuals of any race or affiliated with any religion. 

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